Amano Taco

Amano Taco is an artisanal taqueria located inside R. House in north Baltimore. Amano Taco brings authentic Mexican family cooking with a creative twist. They focus on creating positive vibes and tacos like you’ve never tasted.

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YDI was brought on to design both Amano Taco and BRD’s branding, stall graphics, and websites. For Amano, we decided on a southwest-inspired look, with rounded typefaces and bright, warm colors.

Amano Taco’s stand inside R. House makes use of minimal materials, with painted beet board and a wall-mounted menu.

Finally, Amano Taco’s website expands on the brand, and includes textures and patterns to liven up the experience. The one-page design gives users a quick glance at important information and their menu.


Sign Painter: Greg Gannon