Cunningham’s Cafe & Bakery

Situated on the lower level of Cunningham’s Restaurant, Cunningham’s Café & Bakery in Towson offers handcrafted breakfast, lunch, and coffee in a casual setting. In addition to catering services, Cunningham’s Cafe features housebaked breads and pastries, small batch roasted coffees, and locally sourced eggs and produce from Cunningham Farms. Cunningham’s Café & Bakery is the perfect spot for a quick meal or delicious cup of coffee or tea.

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Building off the brand of the original Cunningham’s restaurant situated above the café, the Café & Bakery logo incorporates the ‘U’ icon of the original Cunningham’s and continues the use of the rounded sans-serif. Soft textures and bright warm colors punctuate the brand.

The Café & Bakery website uses a single-page layout integrated with WordPress to deliver a quick glance into what they offer while allowing the client to update necessary information easily.