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Good To Meet You

We’re a design firm that assists architects, developers, schools, restaurants and other businesses in providing unforgettable user experiences that reinforce their brands across print, online and environmental graphics.

  • Ronnie Younts
    Principal +
    Creative Director
  • Leili Younts
    Principal +
    Business Director
  • Casey Collier
    Web Director
  • Jonathan Han
    Senior Designer +
    Project Manager
  • DJ Thomas
    Senior Designer +
    Project Manager
  • Alison Grissinger
    Designer +
    Project Manager
  • Jonah Cohen
  • Sam Kittinger
  • Seth Kaiser
  • Alex Dougherty
The YDI Blog

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

While in LA this week, YDI had the pleasure of stopping by one of the fabricators for Dodger Stadium. One of our favorite parts of the job is visiting sign shops to see where our designs become reality. This particular day we visited the Warner Brothers Studio Facilitiesin Burbank, California. They have one of the […]

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Sunday 26th of October 01AM