Revival, a boutique art hotel brings restored life and energy to Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. The design references a storied past with bits and pieces of old and new woven together throughout the guest experience. A celebration of art, cuisine, craftsmanship and local history; Revival provides a profoundly warm welcome to Charm City.

YDI was first tasked with developing the hotel name and brand to match the vision of the nuovoRE team. The name Revival combined with its signature peacock feather emblem represent the hotel on a number of levels. There is the physical ‘revival’ of the building constructed in 1929 along with the new restaurants Topside, Square Meal and B-Side. There is also their central vision to elevate the surrounding neighborhood and Baltimore as a whole by shining new light on Mt. Vernon’s notable history of art and culture.

In addition to the visuals YDI also had a hand in guiding the brand’s written voice and character which come through in the environmental graphics and collateral pieces.

YDI’s most difficult challenge was to create functional designs that complement the interior space while at the same adding a layer of curiosity and discovery. A great example of these multifunctional pieces are the custom designed light box clusters with hand painted graphics. Each set identifies the floor, directs to individual rooms, illuminates the elevator landing, and gives the feel of a salon style art wall.

The split flap sign that we aptly named “Vernon” greets guests at the ground level elevator. Commissioned from Oat Foundry, Vernon has an old school look, but is embedded with new technology that can display anything from live weather updates to custom messages and fun phrases chosen by the hotel staff.

The printed collateral set is unified by off-white stock from French Paper Company, simple typography, and the bold use of the peacock feather, giving it an elegant flair. One piece we especially enjoyed working on is the postcard that utilizes an original illustration of the Mt. Vernon Place Apartments we found in archival materials.

Sign Fabrication: Intersign National, Triangle Sign & Service, Oat Foundry, and J&F Awning Co.

Mural Artist: Artstar and Bridget Cimino

Sign Painter: Greg Gannon

Photography: Paul Burk