Western Market

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Website Design
Experiential Design
Brand Design

One half of Western Market occupies a historic block of repurposed row homes, while the other half shares walls with a modern office building. A custom headline typeface was designed for the project, blending aspects of both classic serif and contemporary sans serif fonts, in an allusion to this unique setting. In addition to working well for Western Market’s primary logo and eye-catching headlines in both print and digital applications, it also makes for signage with lots of personality.

Additional signage further juxtaposes the historic with the modern, using a sans serif typeface on one canopy while another facade repeats the brand’s custom mark with dimensional, internally illuminated letters with inset acrylic faces.

A circular “badge” logo, and associated signage, incorporates a central star into its design to reference Washington, DC. Dimensional signage of this logo uses neon to illuminate the mark at night.

Freestanding directory signage depicts the logos of each tenant, while further expressing the Western Market brand with a vertical application of the primary mark on the sides of the structure.

YDI developed a website for Western Market that highlights the delicious food on offer at the food hall with professional photography. It also features a map, custom-designed icons, and
links to social media. Visit the live site.

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