Bark Social

Dogs. Beer. Coffee. — Bark Social is the bar where dogs and dog lovers come to have fun.

Two friends from Baltimore who are obsessed with dogs banded together to create Bark Social. A place for dogs & dog lovers to hang out, play and socialize. They brought YDI along for the ride to develop a brand identity, packaging, merchandise and signage.

YDI’s approach to identity was to create a friendly dog mascot/character that embodies the happy-go-lucky spirit of Bark Social. Depending on what the application is, the dog can be seen in the midst of different actions. The mascot is anchored by a bold but straightforward logotype that mirrors the illustration’s line weight. The core brand colors are grassy greens & sky blue but a vibrant set of secondary colors are incorporated into the experiential graphics on location.

Bark Social’s first location is located in Bethesda, MD amidst the apartments and retail shops at Pike & Rose. The gated complex sports several rehabbed shipping containers which created the backdrop for bold hand painted signs and playful murals. YDI helped not only develop the graphics but also the fun language for many of the murals and merchandise.

A wall right inside the entrance gate proudly displays the message ‘good pups full cups’ with rainbow stripes cascading from it. This mural is dedicated to photos for ‘Pupstagram’ – the opposite wall features a pixelated camera for guests & their dogs to pose in front of.

In addition to the painted graphics YDI designed & coordinated the install of several built and applied signs within the space. This includes the dimensional signs for the cafe & bar (with self-serving tap wall) that hangs down from the awning over head.

Bark Social is a place for dogs to be their most authentic selves which often means frolicking through the dirt. That’s why they have a dedicated dog wash station and offer their proprietary dog wash. YDI created a custom mark that is applied boldly on signage & on the shampoo bottles.

Bark Social’s brand is expressed not only through their physical space but also through their dog centric products, branded merchandise and swag. Bark Social partnered with dog wash & dog treat manufacturers to create their own line of products to sell online and at locations. YDI leveraged the brand color palette to create a cohesive system that differentiates from between types of treats.

Signage Fabrication:
Duo Signage + Graphics

Mural & Sign Painter:
Greg Gannon